"He who understands Interest [Un-Earned Income] earns it; he who doesn't, pays it." - Einstein

Photography by Spook Waters of Photography by Martin Bull of Art by Banksy! at The Wild Life Prevention and Recovery Centers (WILD LIFE PARCs)Station #1, Lake Murray, South Carolina, USA.

"Compounding is the most powerful force in the world."

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- Bring 400,000 people (slaves) of any color to America.

- Expect them (slaves) to multiply and work without pay or education (or even English language)

- Then evict them (Emancipated slaves) with no savings to invest in this Capitalist "Free Market" Economy.

- Tell them (Emancipated slaves) to "Get a Job"

- Undervalue Manual Labor so that they (Emancipated slaves) never make a Livable Wage to save or invest in this Capitalist "Free Market" Economy

- Finally, try to make up for all of the above by offering them {Emancipated slaves} sub-standard food and group housing for free -- instead of paying a Livable Wage for All Earned Income.

That system will break down.

Do we really need War to get rid of some people and boost The American Economy (The Military-Industrial Complex) or can we not just pay a Livable Wage for all Earned Income? Why not?

Sorry. Spook Waters made me do it.

Thanks for sharing!!!

Dr. P.

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