BRAHMA KUMARIS: We made a conscious decision to control our response to events, problems & people.

Photography by Spook Waters of slides from Yogest Sharda of the Brahma Kumaris Tradition during the AMG International Online Meditation Group hosted by the Buddhist Society of Western Australia Tuesdays at 7:00 a.m. Eastern Time (Spook's Time), "Have a hangover, Mom?"

The following are [my notes] from this class with Yogest Sharda, Guest Speaker:

Living life well requires that you not be consumed by events. Instead, make a conscious decision to take responsibility for your response to events. But since most events are "problems" and most problems are in the form of people, what to do? What is there left to do? They irritate us. People irritate us. So, we usually push their buttons back. We verbally vomit all over them. Together we have a button-pushing contest. We lead ourselves and others into temptation.

To stop this button-pushing contest we can try one of two things:

(1) We can yell, smirk, seethe or even smile, "You better respect Me,"

or, we can

(2) Deactivate Our Own Button.

We (the Brahma Kumaris) choose to work on the latter. We are working on deactivating our own button. We do not ask for respect -- we work on raising our self-respect by not lashing out in response to problems (people). My usefulness to others around me has naturally increased -- simply as a result of not lashing out.

These problems (people) are actually "Opportunities to Practice Patience and Tolerance." As such they are gifts [as fruity as that sounds]. People are just tests of how humble I really am. When a "problem" (person) comes up, how tolerant am I? How patient am I? Do I actually respect myself by not insulting them?

So, the take-away is, I choose to focus on my interpretation of and response to events and problems (people) -- instead of trying to control all the events and problems (people) myself.

That way, I can respond from the BEING realm as opposed to spewing forth more verbal vomit and jibber-jabber from the HAVING or DOING realm. [Everybody in the rooms of A.A. and N.A. secretly thinks they know more than everyone else there, including me.]

Many labels (ex: "Newcomer" and "Sponsor") keep us in the HAVING and DOING realms and block the BEING (ex: "Listening") realm. These types of labels are spiritual pollution and the root of all other problems. Why? Because they PROMOTE Ego. They promote us and them. They promote Body Consciousness instead of Soul Consciousness. They promote HAVING (ex: "a few 24 hours under my belt") and DOING (ex: saying the right thing at the meeting, dinner party, concert, or church) instead of BEING (ex: "Just Listening").

Knowing myself ONLY as my labels ["Rich" "Successful"] requires that I mask up ["Did I use the right fork?" "Did I get an A?" "Did I have a drink?!"] -- which ultimately covers up what I really am and what we all really are [Loved, Loving, and Lovable]. The bigger the mask, the more problems I have, because the true "I" [Loved, Loving, and Lovable] is behind the mask [Successful Sexy Secretly Sexaholic Sponsor Seeking Sponsees].

True freedom is behind the mask; it's what we all really are inside the outside labels of what we have [ex: Sponsees] and what we do [ex: Sponsor instead of serving (cleaning, cooking, and caring for) our own families or work].

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