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UPDATE ON S.A.W. (SEVERELY-ABUSED-WOMAN): Day 4 - DTs. Delirium Tremens.

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Lunatic Player thought we had weaned off alcohol properly on our own, but I think that this exact thing happened to me just last year. And many times before I knew it was DTs.

Detox through South Carolina Substance And Drug Abuse Commission (SADAC) is $400 per night. When asked, "Do you serve poor people?" they said, "Yes." But they just don't ask for the $400 up front. Like jail and court fines and fees, they bill you for it later on.


- Light-headedness

- Heart-Palpitations

- High Blood Pressure

- Fatigue

- Agitation

- Confusion


- "Will I black out and have a seizure again?!?"

- "Will I black out and have a heart attack again?!?"

- "Will I ever feel good again?!?"

- "Drinking works in the short-term but is just slow, painful suicide."

- "I'm grateful I stayed on the same schedule and that I did yoga and ate well this morning."

- "I'm grateful I have anti-depressants and heart meds and a companion who pays for them."

- "I'm grateful I have a doctor's appointment today for which my companion is paying."


- Call 911 if necessary

- Stay with sober companion who will call 911 if necessary.

- Pay strong attention to how Body and Mind feel instead of escaping (through fantasy/sex)

- Don't try to do too much physically.

- Take warm bath (if access is granted)

- Focus mind on something I really, really enjoy

- Attending AA or NA Meeting

- Reading (if the confusion doesn't get too bad)

- Making cards (if the confusion doesn't get too bad)

- Writing family (if the confusion doesn't get too bad)

- Meditating

Secular AA Meditating Right Now. Have a cup of coffe and catch your breath.

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