THE Ph.D.'s OPINION: Involuntary Servitude

Updated: Jun 30

Photography of The13th Amendment of The U.S. Constitution by Spook Waters.

Submitted to The Wild Life Prevention and Recovery Centers, Station #1, Lake Murray ,South Carolina, USA. "An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a # of Cure." (Read while snuggling.)

Dear Spook W.,

My parents forced me to have a child after I was raped in high school. They would not allow me to have an abortion. Then my parents kicked my child and me out. We had no shelter, no healthcare, no retirement, no vacation, and a job with no livable wage.

I want to know, what you are doing to end poverty.


Involuntary Servitude


Dear Involuntary Servitude,

Not much, you?

But you can't say we never tried.

Dr. P's first job was at an adult day Center for Severely and Profoundly Disabled Adults. Many of these Disabled Adults could not speak, walk, feed or go to the bathroom. Dr. P. supervised (did the paperwork and meetings for) the 6 Direct Care Service Workers who entertained, fed, diapered, and were sometimes hit and hurt by these Disabled Adults. More than one of these Disabled Adults even ate his own poop! He enjoyed smearing it all over the bathroom and his face.

Anywhoo, Dr. P. was surprised to discover that these women -- who entertained, fed, diapered, and were sometimes hit and hurt by these Disabled Adults -- made only $8000 per year. But, then again, Dr. P herself made only $16,000 even with a college degree and a $300 per month student loan payment (now $1000 per month with the addition of graduate school.

Well, fast forward 10 years. Dr. P. came back to town after graduate school and got on the Board of Directors of the self-same Center for Severely and Profoundly Disabled Adults. Dr. P asked to be put on the Personnel Committee, with the intention to increase the salaries of the Direct Care Workers. At their first meeting the Personnel Administrator informed Dr. P. that The Government puts a cap on salaries coming out of this system and there was nothing she nor Dr. P. could do at this level. After all, The Government also caps the amount that Americans making more than $147,000 per year have to pay into this system, too. Consider the source.

Yours Truly,

Spook W.

P.S. HaveYouSeenMyCard?

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