THE PhD's OPINION: “He choked on vomit—it was actually someone else’s vomit." - Spinal Tap

Updated: Jul 9

Photography of a vision by Spook Waters. “Big, old mule took a big ol’ dump.”

Dear Spook W.,

Can we afford to go to help Ukraine go to war against Russia? Maybe Russia’s trying to bankrupt us all.


Dear Fluffhead,

This is the house that Jack built. As in, Jack of all trades and master of none.

60 cents of every American Tax Dollar goes to The Military (Department of Defense + Veteran’s Administration + Debt Serbice (Cash Money borrowed from foreign sources to fund our wars.)) That’s what I call a Gross National Product.

Picture me graping. (See grape color—Early Childhood Education — do I have to spell it out??) In the immortal words of Pink Floyd, “After all, it’s not easy, knocking your heart against some mad buggers wall.” Are y’all ready for this? That‘s how it happens living Life by the drop.

Bombs Away!

Spook W.

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