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UPDATE ON S.A.M. (Secretly Abused Man).: Dear Doctor. . .

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Dear Doctor:

Thanks finally for the anti-anxiety pills and sleep meds. Ain’t nobody doped as me! After snorting just a tad more than the daily oral dose, I slept solid for 3 days straight. I can't believe I'm sill employed! But, I can breathe again and think straight, too. Which brings me to my next question: Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?

Well you won’t be much longer. The gimp’s been instructed to cut your pay, up your college tuition astronomically, take away your retirement and benefits, increase your workload and schedule, and confuse your job description with mindnumbing gossip. He’ll then snip off your eyelids, secure your limbs with rail pegs to a plank, position you upright in front of your 2-way mirror, and saw your cock and balls off with a rusty edge while everyone watches including you. Detach with love!