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THE PhD's OPINION: "Y'all gettin on my nerves! Just thow her something sweet so she'll shut up!"

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Photography of a Photograph in Spartanburg SC. Spook had temper tantrum, thew stuff around and away, cannot find proper credits at this time. "Your ho says I'm her favorite nigger." - DaBaby

Happy Valentine's Day
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"Just throw her something sweet so she'll shut up." - Overeaters Anonymous

The Wild Life Prevention and Recovery Centers

Station #1 - USA, SC, Lake Murray

Station #2 - USA, SC, Spartanburg

Our Vision:

Feeding each other and then the world by training Social-Emotional Learning First (Help Prevent Disease) and repurposing Daycares, Preschools, Schools, Businesses, Jails, Prisons and The Militaryfor THE SUSTAINABLE 7H: Horticulture, Husbandry, HomeMaking, Hospitality, Hunting, Healthcare and Humanities. United We Stand.

We the People of Wild Life PARC U.S.A. in order to (1) form a more perfect Union, (2) establish Justice, (3) ensure Domestic Tranquility, (4) provide for the Common Defense, and (5) promote the General Welfare, and thereby secure the blessings of liberty and justice for all and for our posterity, do ordain and establish this Mission for The United States of America: A more perfect Union, Justice, Domestic Tranquility, Common Defense, and General Welfare for All.

Keyword: Sustainable

(A) A Livable Wage for All Laborers

(Head of Household, Housewife, 1 Child)

(B) A 10% Tax on All Personal Income Earned and Un-Earned (Throw Out All Business, Corporate, Estate, Personal Taxes, Tax Tables, Loopholes, and Receipts)

(C) Social-Emotional Learning first (SEL First)

(You can't learn, teach or work if can't pay attention.)

(D) Preschools instead of Prisons

(E) Prevention instead of Punishment

Photography of a Photograph at Spartanburg SC exposition--Spook had temper tantrum and cannot find the proper credits at this time. "Your ho says I'm her favorite nigger."

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