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LIVE: "I repeat - about me, which is about US, stop giving me your uninformed opinion and advice."

PRESENTING: "If you don't start listening, I will stop talking -- to you."

"Are you crazy yet?"

6:40 a.m. E.T. - Doors Open in Silence at Wild Life PARCs HQ (Eastern Time)

Meeting ID: 852 1951 3961

Passcode: silence

7:00 a.m. E.T. - The Bell Rings to Start

7:20 a.m. E.T. - The Bell Rings in End

7:20 a.m. E.T. - Q&A from The Buddhist Society of Western Australia (W.A.S.T.)

YouTube Livestream Q & A: 7:20-8:30 am (E.T.) = 7:20 - 8:30pm (W.A.S.T.)


Wild Life PARCs Head Quarters:

Station #1 - Lake Murray

(One Station, Many Homes)

Chapin, South Carolina, United States of America (Eastern Time Zone)

"I repeat, I don't prefer violence, but you're in the company of some very violent people."

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