UPDATE ON S.A.W: Maniac Psycho Gets 86ed on 12-Step Promises Test. Submits Edits.

Updated: Jun 30

Submitted to The Wild LIfe Prevention and Recovery Center, Lake Murray Station, SC USA

I did your 12-Step Promises Test. I made an 86. And I have some edits in the comments below in ink (2 in the pink and 1 in the stink).

In the meantime, BE IT RESOLVED THAT:

WHEREAS, the U.S. Justice System and State Department of Corrections sentenced my son to attend Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous to “Be Healed!”--for the common good of American Taxpayers--FOR FREE by untrained Sponsors and Members in The Fellowship of The Program, all of whom have pledged to forever remain nonprofessional;" and

WHEREAS, The Fellowship of The Program made good on their promise of unprofessionalism by, for example (and there are many), not only gossping to the world about my son, but also making my son say to his boss "I'm an addict/alcoholic" and thereby causing him to lose his job "because the Board hears he is an alcoholic and drug addict and therefore cannot be trusted;" and

WHEREAS, the State Department of Labor revoked my son's license to work when he was honest on the License Renewal Application about having participated in "treatment" for alcohol and drug abuse in The Fellowship of The Program of Alcoholics ANONYMOUS and Narcotics ANONYMOUS, and then was not able to afford the $500 per month treatment program that the State Department of Labor required of him--for being honest on the License Renewal Appication while clean and sober; and

WHEREAS, after being fired and then evicted, my son almost died at The Hospital because they refused to provide any treatment to my son in The Emergency Room until AFTER The Department of Public Safety interrogated my son FOR BEING RAPED--which my son, near-stroke--eventually said did not happen just so he could get treated FOR BEING DRUGGED by his RAPIST before being RAPED BY A RAPIST when he was forced out on the street because The Psychoologist told me, "After this intervention, if your son says NO to inpatient treatment (because he cannot think of any way to pay his bills if he says YES) then you are under no obligation whatsoever to speak with or help your son again for the rest of his life and to do so would in fact hurt him by keeping him from hitting Rock Bottom"; and

WHEREAS, the State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (SADAC) said they serve poor people...by billing my son $400 per night for detox instead of asking for $400 per night up front; and

WHEREAS, The Insurance Company would not pay for my son's treatment after discharge from said $400 per night detox, much less for prevention of it beforehand by properly trained, licensed, and paid Mental Health Professionals--because they like to waste money (Thank you for patients!); and

WHEREAS, the U.S. Justice System still sentenced my son to The Fellowship of The Program to "Be Healed" by turning his will and his Life over to the care of the God of his Understanding (which already he did years ago--without the Lord Sweet Allah I know I be no rap star) or it's “You’re just not ready for This Program" and not a behavior deficit (that we've been trying to work on since pre-school when I had to work as a Single Mom and he was on the waiting list for HeadStart but never made it before school started in Kindergarten) and then The Fellowship of The Program dropped him or just never called back because they are, as promised, unpaid unprofessionals; and

WHEREAS, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that it was legal for The Local Newspaper and WorldWideWeb to make money off of my son's MugShot of an arrest for not fully participating in That Fellowship of The Program as mandated by Justice and Corrections after The Fellowship of The Program dropped him or just never called back (we'll never know); and

WHEREAS, The Local Newspaper and WorldWideWeb refused to remove my son's MugShot--citing the First Amendment as upheld by the aforementioned U.S. Supreme Court's decision--saying, "It's the corporation's policy not to remove this, but we'll try to put a note on there saying it was expunged," and

WHEREAS, the U.S. Justice System still sentenced my son to "Be Healed!" by God because in 1935 Bill W. agreed with Dr. Bob's opinion (and then drank again) that alcoholism is a Spiritual Disease and not a Medical, Educational, Psychological, and Behavioral problem that can be prevented AND rehabilitated using Science (such as Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), Social-Emotional Learning SEL, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). . . actual science. . .delivered by trained, licensed, and paid professionals. . . . because Bill W. and Dr. Bob back in 19and35 (before they started drinking again) believed “the value of one alcoholic helping another is without parallel ," and wrote that down and sold it. . . and because the U.S. Justice System is cheap and Americans prefer punishment versus prevention and prison versus preschools (follow the $$$); and

WHEREAS, the State Education Agency (SEA) was more interested in doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result (I got the power!) than in promply admitting they were wrong for not teaching Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) (which I have been asking for for 20 years) and then making amends by Just Doing It (teaching Social-Emotional Learning) so that students could learn to pay attention to their studies and so that teachers could teach instead of herding wild animals until they get expelled as my son did; and

WHEREAS, the State Education Agency (SEA)'s educational malpractice was made worse by that paltry sum of an Education Budget, set forth by the Governor and approved by the State Senate and the State House of Representatives, which forced Education Officials to make dangerous choices based on money instead of using Best Practices ("She Blinded me with Science!"); and

WHEREAS, my son would rather live on the streets than wait 3 days in lock-up at Mental Health at The Hospital before seeing a trained professional; or kill himself out of fear of being put in another cage like that 6x8 foot cell with 3 in the bunk and 1 on the floor where he cannot breathe (and not just because of the turd taste in his mouth from the open toilet)--much less get out for a lil' exercise and sun; then

LET IT BE KNOWN, that the Justice System must also accept the defense that “The Devil Made Me Do It” when I get arrested for beating the living daylights out of you in an adrenaline-fueled Black Rage of Sorrow and Frustration.

I'm about to show you how my pimp hand is way strong. I'm prosecuting and suing, variously, The Fellowship of The Program, The State Education Agency, The Governor, The State Department of Labor, The Justice System, The State Department of Corrections, The State Drug and Alcohol Commission, The Insurance Company, The Hospital, The Psychoologist, The Local Newspaper, The WorldWideWeb, The Department of Public Safety, The U.S. Justice System, The U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Supreme Court, and the underlings at The Medical Office who read and spread my son's Medical Record. . .for the jailing, institutionalization, and death of my son while under your thumb.

If that doesn't work, I'll just kill you. I have nothing left to live for.

May God be with you,

Maniac Psycho

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