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UPDATE ON S.A.W: Teach empathy to all -- or you're gonna know what Fear and Loathing are truly like.

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Dear Psycho Killer:

As Will Smith once said, “You don’t need your child’s permission to be his father.” Especially when you will never see him again. So do yourself a favor and listen to me. Call Mike Hostilo—you’re about to be inyured in an accident. I’m in a violent mood and I don’t much feel like chatting.

I want a new drug.

I got my chips cashed in thanks to you and everyone else. That ancient prescription you gave me is not working. I’ve got a buffer between my synapses, but I’m numb from the waist down. Know what I mean? The flames are all long gone but the pain lingers on.

So, after a very short stint back in AA, where one smoky member was trolling the rooms to recruit for her church, and another tried to pick me up, and the one I finally broke down and called--the one from the women’s “eating meeting” (Mowdown at the Ho'down!)--never called me back, I am back in the New York groove. Slippin, slippin, slippin and with a new habit—smoking!

I’m too old to be in jail!

But I spent one glorious day with Drunk Mom at a music festival. Followed by another with Bloody Mary and Jose at a polo match and God knows where else, (I know this much, Jimmy Page and the Missus were at the bar so how could I resist?) Followed by a painful, painful time. I can’t believe I’m still employed.

Is that your goal? Another unemployed and unemployable government dependent? Careful with that tax, Eugene. I AM what happens when alcohol and drugs become your only family, friends, and sustenance. So, you just keep shopping and stuffing your face. War is not the answer. Especially when a band of well-trained snipers will do. And some friends who planted the grid and some who own it—all of whom can uplug it at a moment’s notice. When I move you move! Are you getting the spirit “in the dark?”

Consider this: IF you don’t start teaching empathy to every child, teacher, administrator, parent, and anyone else who thinks their money and power give them the right to make all the decisions for everybody else (for my birthday, buy me a politician!)—so that we all know where everyone else is coming from and all decisions flow from there—THEN you’ll learn the hard way. We built this city, and we are going to (a) unplug the electric grid for a sad, sad time and (b) let everyone out of prison, so that (c) you will know fear and loathing, too. It’ll be just like starting over. No phones, no lights, no motorcars. Not a single luxury. In the immortal words of Jane’s Addiction (shopping!) you should be with us, feeling like we do.

Fear of a Black Planet? You have 1 generation to git ‘er done.

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