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MEDITATIONS: The12-Steps of Alcoholics & Narcotics Anonymous

Step 1 Meditation - This is not a religious program:

(PDF) (Word)

Step 2 Meditation - Came to believe that power could restore us to sanity:

(PDF) (Word

Step 3 Meditation - We made a decision to turn our will and our lies over:

(PDF) (Word) (Video) (Video) (Video)

Step 4 Meditation - We must be rid of anger! Resentment is the #1 offender!!:\

(PDF) (Word)

Step 5 Meditation - I admitted to myself the exact nature of myself:

(PDF) (Word).

Step 6 Meditation - Were entirely ready to have Tod remove all these defects of character:

(PDF) (Word)

Step 7 Meditation - Humbly ask Tim to remove our shortcomings:

(PDF) (Word)

Step 8 Meditation - Made a list of all people who'll harm us today and prepared not to respond to them all.

(Diary of a Madwoman)

(How it Works)


Step 9 Meditation - To be announced

Step 10 Meditation - To be announced

Step 11 Meditation - To be announced

Step 12 Meditation - To be announced

Step 10 - You don't have to be an Alcoholic Addict or Christain to do this.

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