DREW MICHAEL: "If you have an ugly personality you should have an ugly face."

Updated: Jul 13

Submitted to The Wild Life Prevention and Recovery Centers, Station #1 - Lake Murray, South Carolina USA (Make your home, school, and work a Wild Life PARC Station, too!)

Who let the dog out?

I can smell it from here.

Gimme one little taste.

Does it go with my beer?


Fresh and hot out the kitchen.

Here it come! Here it come!

Since I'm on the pill now,

I guess it don't need no bun.

Lil' Dickey too high,

But I just know that he'll quit,

It's the hope there that kills ya;

That dog didn't fix shit.

Nor the next 10 or 20

Dog Plate A-Plenty!

Stained sniffed and shared

Just like nobody cared.

He put a smell on you, too

'Cause we all love Gorilla Glue

Every dog took a lickin'

And still kept on pickin'.

Ain't no need to get hitched

It's just an Evolution'ry Glitch

And I lost my mind

When that dog made me twitch.

I feel like chicken tonight.

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