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THE PhD's OPINION: Step 3 Meditation - We made a decision to turn our will and our lies over.

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Photography by Spook Lifesaver P.F.D. Waters of a painting by Earnest J Lee (The Chicken Man). "Walk this way."

Submitted to The Wild Life Prevention and Recovery Centers, Station #1, Lake Murray, South Carolina USA while at Zesto.

Dear Spook W.,

They give me all kinds of advice designed to enlighten me. What's yours?

Most Def

Dear Def,

Go and get yourself some cheap sunglasses and do what works for you according to God as You Understand HIM. But be sure to print, read and do This Step 3 Meditation from "Our Toolbox!"

Yours Truly,

Spook W. and Dr. P.

Photography by Spook Lifesaver P.F.D. Waters of a photograph by Martin Bull of street art by Banksy. "Their eyes were watching God."

From Bring Me The Rhinoceros by John Tarrant:

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