THE PhD's OPINION: Step 4 Inventory - This one separates the men from the boys.

Updated: Jul 1

Photography by Spook Lifesaver P.F.D. Waters. (Yes, that is Spook's full name).

Submitted to The Wild Life Prevention and Recovery Centers, Station #1 (Sirmon Home) - Lake Murray, South Carolina USA. "Make your home a Wild Life PARC, too."

Dear Spook W.,

Are you sponsoring anyone?



Dear Kicking,

I am not Sponsoring.

I probably wouldn't be great at forcing anyone to believe in God.

In fact, I don't even have a Sponsor right now. God is my Sponsor. But since I know that you don't have to believe in God to use what God gave you to help youself feel better, I wouldn't be a good Sponsor. I always wanted a friend just to study and learn with, so I am doing that with friends in The Fellowship of The Program and with friends not in The Fellowship of The Program.

I did have a Sponsor initially (2006 to 2008), but I quit her (and The Fellowship of The Program, unfortunately) because she started berating me for not going to enough meetings. She didn't understand that I was using my volunteer time to Prevent-the--Disease--of--Addiction--Through--Social-Emotional--Learning instead of Treat--The--Disease--of--Addiction--Without--A--License--or--Training.

The closest I've come to Sponsorship is trying to teach my nieces and nephews, their friends, and a child that I mentored how not to do what I have done. I don't want them to do any harm to themselves or others, much less lose everything when that can be prevented. So, I try to teach them Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) by writing them snail mail. I loved getting letters in the mail when I was a child. I loved reading about my family and how they were doing and what happened and what it was like and what it's like now and why we are the way we are. Letters from my mom especially were like a book written just for me. So, I started writing the kids letters when they were really young. Their parents read them aloud to the kids and talk about it together. That's why I started making these. I have hundreds of them started years ago.

I did a few other things, too, when the kids were young. I always read aloud something short and ethical with the kids (and their friends) at The Family Breakfast Table when I was at their house before meals. I always gave thanks at meals with them. I invited them to my daily yoga and meditation sessions. And, most importantly, I meditated in front of them when they were obssessively gaming. I never have my phone on me, but they do. So, I'd plop down just beside the gaming screen and say, "I need to get in touch what's going on in my body right now. Will you please set a timer for me for 10 minutes?" They did.

Anywhoo, My Step 4 Inventory is here (PDF) (WORD) if you'd like to see it. It's in the "Toobox" section of this very website.

Yours Truly,

Spook W. and Dr. P. , Ph.D., M.Ed, B.A. (Don't call me doctor--The Prinicipals hate it.)

Ph.D. - The University of Georgia - School Psychology:

B.A. - Presbyterian College - Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology:

M.Ed. - Georgia State University - Psychometry (Testing and Measurement):

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