UPDATE ON Secretly Abused Woman (S.A.W.): That Old, Black Magic

Updated: Jul 10

This all happened in and was submitted to The Wild Life Prevention and Recovery Centers, Station #2 - Spartanburg, South Carolina USA:

Actually, Old Black Maid was not 92. . .she just felt like it from all that work and no retirement.

Old Maid could not afford a car, either--much less a 401K or LLC or off-shore tax-sheltered account--so Single Mom had to transport Old Maid back and forth to our house.

To review from an earlier posting that Spook W. is loath to find due to tech illiteracy:

After her divorce, Single Mom used her Child Support from Father to hire Old Maid (who moved like she was age 92) to keep the teenagers at home out of trouble. Single Mom was working during the day as a receptionist (for $8000 a year), and she was going to University at night and on the weekends to get her Teacher Certification--so she could bring her pupils' work home at night and on the weekends. (Single Mom only got 1 hour of planning for every 6 hours of teaching + 30 minutes of school duty (Traffic!) every day at Public School, but (Bonus!) she did get 30 minutes door-to-door for lunch.

Anyway, one day Single Mom couldn't break between work (Receptionist) and University (Teacher Certification Program) in time to get Old Maid back to "The Projects." I think it was Norris Ridge Housing Project, but it may be because I was recently there for a pick-up.

Anywho, I didn’t have my driver’s license yet, but our friend Packard did and he was with us at the time because we could walk back to our house from school. Packard did not have a car, but Single Mom had traded an old shotgun that she got in the Divorce settlement (a handy sacrifice from Father) for an old Opel. Because Big Brother had gone straight to work after school, Packard he agreed to take the Opel (uninsured) with us (Twisted Sister and Lunatic Player) to drive Old Maid back to The Projects.

Anywho, Packard was a riot. I mean HILARIOUS--which is how he won my sister’s heart. Old Maid was in the passenger seat I think, and Packard kept talking to us in the backseat saying, ‘What is that Old Maid next to me mumbling about all the time?" Packard said it right there, where Old Maid could hear it, like she wasn't even there and couldn't hear it.

Well, us backseat drivers could not stop laughing--even even though it was so rude—because in all honesty we didn’t know either.

When we finally pulled up at The Projects to drop Old Maid off in Concrete Jungle, she was ready.

Old Maid got out of the car and quietly closed the passenger side door. The car windows were all down because we were all smoking—including Old Maid (she'd bummed one from us that we'd stolen from Single Mom's carton). Old Maid, leaned in the window, took one last puff off her Carlton Menthol, and said in the King’s English, “I cannot understand a word you ingrates are saying. See you next week."

We all fell out!


See American Tax Code

Also known as Garbage In/Garbage Out

Garbage In = $ not going into the system

Garbage Out = $ going out of the system for substandard services

Homeowner Tax Deduction is to Garbage In, just as

Public Housing is to Garbage Out, or

Garbage In : Homeowner Deduction ::

Garbage Out : Public Housing

Garbage In : Business Meal Deduction ::

Garbage Out : $8.33/day in Food Stamps

Garbage In: Health Savings Accounts ::

Garbage Out : Medicaid

The Wild Life PARCs could go on and on down on this killing floor. . .but it's time for a meeting.

"Praise for the clinical clinican who knows the difference between a sick man and a sick nation."

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