UPDATE ON S.A.W.: The family that plays together stays together.

Updated: Jul 13

Dear Supervising Psychologist:

This is a transcript of my most recent interaction with a SAW (another Severely but Secretly Abused Woman). Any ideas?


ME: What did your Mom and Dad say about why you had behavior problems?

SAW: They think I’m naughty by nature.

ME: Hip Hop Hooray, Ho!

SAW: Just keep shittin’ out babies.

ME: You don’t start no shit there won’t be no shit!

(laugh and laugh and fall apart)

ME: But seriously. Did your parents pay attention to you when you were doing the right thing? Do you remember them playing with you? Do recall them loving on you when you did right? After all, poor parental monitoring IS the #1 predictor of behavior problems in children.

SAW: All eyes on me? Never. In the immortal words of Boston, “I closed my eyes, and she slipped away!”

ME: More than feeling! Where do you think they learned that?

SAW: From their parents and their parents and their parents. It’s a family tradition.

ME: The “hands-off” approach to parenting?

SAW: Yes. Thanks to the belt.

ME: Hurts my ears to listen--burns my thighs to see!

SAW: Over and over again!

(laugh and laugh and fall apart)

ME: Will you break the cycle of poor parental monitoring? Will you give your own kids positive attention? Instead of phone and video games?

SAW: When I’m clean and sober. The struggle continues. . .


The family that PLAYS together stays together, right? Speak to me!

Po' Dunk

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