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THE PhD's OPINION: "Is it worse to use drugs and alcohol or to use people who drank and did drugs?"

Photography of The New New English Bible by Spook Lifesaver P.F.D. Waters. "AA is not a place where you can vomit on the table and expect someone else to clean it up." - Anonymous Alcoholic

Submitted to The Wild Life Prevention and Recovery Centers, Station #2, Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA. "An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a # of Cure." (Read while snuggling.)

Dear Spook W.,

In your opinion, is it worse to use alcohol and drugs, or to use people who drank or did drugs?

Forever Young


Dear Forever,

You mean, as in Date Rape or as in Temporary Day Labor? I call that an embarrassment of choices. We'll consult the spirits, maybe they'll know what to do. See below.

In the meantime, everybody has their own opinion -- and mine is that if anything (sex, drugs, alcohol. . . sugar, ,fat, bread . . .power, money,social status. . . ad infinitum) causes harm to yourself or others then don't do it. Its the aftermath that's the problem (or not), and not the thing itself.

For example, Dr. P (also known as The Brown Clown for her keen tan) recently completed The Kratom Challenge with a Friend of Spook (also known as The Pink Princess for his rosy hue). In sum:

Why Is This Stuff Legal?

Pink Princess

Brown Clown

Green Kratom

At first you like him

Next you love him

And then you hate him

No ID required

No license

No prescription

Face caked in vomit

He seized up

On the floor in the kitchen

True Story. Dr. P had to say The Lord's Prayer over and over again in tandem with my breath (because she couldn't catch hers) just to maintain a modicum of sanity. She certainly would have had to go to the hospital if I had let her do more.

Yours Truly,

Happy Memorial Day!

Spook W.

P.S. HaveYouSeenMyCard?

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