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THE PhDs OPINION: "Kill it before it grows." - Bob Marley

QUESTION: Is abortion wrong?

ANSWER: In a truly free country the individual would get to decide. Just as in a truly capitalist country businesses would take on both the benefits (income) and costs (health insurance) of being an employer. I do not want this government to have anything to do with my money right now, or even my doctor's decisions, much less my body. If just this first Tax Provision were not in place, Americans would have $2 trillion more in taxes from 2021 through 2030. And yet, I have no health insurance and could not afford to go to the doctor even when I did, except when I was a White Collar worker. Kill it before it grows.

Tax Expenditures (

Annual Report of State Child Welfare Expenditures | The Administration for Children and Families:

Title IV-E Programs Expenditure and Caseload Data | The Administration for Children and Families:

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