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THE PhDs OPINION: Step 5 - I admitted to myself the exact nature of myself.

Also known as: I don't believe in "Lay Priests" (I think it's a sin) or "Lay Therapy" and if The False Prophet is a person, I think it's Bill Wilson. I go to church and religious books for God; I go to doctors and therapists for Treatment and Sponsorship; and I go to The Fellowship of The Program for fellowship and intellectual stimulation. You can join us as we trudge the road of happy destiny.

Photography of a photo in Young Reader's Bible - Revised Standard Version. Overheard at Narcotics Anonymous, "AA is the finest export America has ever given the world! Praise God."

The Wild Life Prevention and Recovery Center Step 5 Meditation – I admitted to myself the exact nature of myself. Materials needed: - A Time When You Can Focus on You - A Quietish Place - Timer - 1 person to call out directions -- or tape yourself reading this – or create your own - Pen and Paper: Print Out this Form (PDF) (WORD) from our Toolbox if You Wish.

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