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THE PhD's OPINION: The Responsibilities of Freedom.

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

"Is it anything like snapping a POWs neck so he doesn't have to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of his life?" - Major Payne

Photography of a drawring in Young Reader's Bible (Revised Standard Version) by Spook Lifesaver P.F.D. Waters. "Some days you kill it, and some days you just choke." - Sturgill Simpson

Submitted to The Wild Life Prevention and Recovery Centers, (Wild Life PARC, Station #1, Lake Murray South Carolina USA. "Just in Time for Lent." (Read while snuggling---happily and gratefully---with your CHILD after an excellent day of service (work!) and play together.)

Dear Spook W.,

What are we fighting for?

Homeless Veteran

Dear Oxymoron,

I have no idea. But I had a nightmare the other night (about my actual life--the recurring nightmare about loss: insurmountable debt, no healthcare, and no family with whom to grow old and feeble except that giuy who'd have me face down ass up until the day I die) but when I awoke, of a sudden I had a really fun vision: Major Payne would make a superior P.E. teacher. True Story. It comforted me. In the middle of the night. After a bad dream. I loved P.E. and the P.E. teacher at Compobello-Gramling Elementary School and all the teachers there and I love Major Payne so much. Thank you for sharing that. In the meantime, I have no earthy idea about war. I literally cannot relate to it. Literally. It seems to me to be just a version of 2 rednecks or 2 brothers bowing up because they caint talk right. So, I consulted one of my handy books, asked if we could just cut all of Russia's electric grid off temporarily, and bring the helicopters in to drop firewood there so they could still cook and keep warm. That's all I got. Let there be peace in the MIddle East in Russia in Eukraine and all over the world. Let it begin with me not warring against you or against my own mind--it's louder than war!

Yours Truly,

Spook W. and Dr. P.

Gideon's New Testament Version:

Young Reader's Bible:

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