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WILD LIFE PARC: "Just for Today"

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

The Wild Life Prevention and Recovery Centers

“Make your home a Wild Life PARC, too.”

Just for Today

(also in the "Toolbox" / "Here Is A Solution" Section)

(1) I will not destroy Life with my action or non-action (my failure to act).

(2) I will not steal or take anything that is not freely given to me, and I will not use more than I need (versus want) of anything (including nicotine, food, sugar, drink, power, drugs, money, sex, cells, entertainments, talk, silence, sleep, exercise, breaks, work, and money).

(3) I will not listen to gossip or to people who gossip, and I will not talk about anything or anyone—including myself—in any way (with my words, voice, volume, or face) that is untruthful, prideful, or otherwise harmful to myself or others.

(4) I will not engage in sexual misconduct with myself or others; I will respect my commitments and the rights and commitments of others; and I will be fully aware of the responsibility of bringing new Life into the world.

(5) I will not take into my body any substance that causes harm to my body, my brain, or my decision-making ability, or that causes me to harm others.

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