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LIVE: “There are no bad people — only trained and untrained.”

Updated: Aug 23

The Wild Life Prevention & Recovery Centers Present:

20 Minutes of Silence from Head Quarters - Wednesdays @ 7am Eastern Time


Meeting ID: 852 1951 3961

Meeting Passcode: xB8WPe

Meeting Agenda:

7:00 a.m. Eastern - Doors Open in Silence

7:03 a.m. Eastern - The Bell Rings in Silence

7:23 a.m. Eastern - The Bell Rings in Silence

7:24 a.m. Eastern - Doors Close in Silence


"Help Prevent and Ease Disease"

Make Your Home a Wild Life PARC, too.


Head Quarters:

Sirmon Shelter @ Station #1 - Lake Murray

(One Station, Many Homes)

Chapin, South Carolina USA

"Spook Waters Made Me Do It" - Dr. P, PhD

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