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TOOL: Before you accuse me, take a look at yourself -- for 20 minutes on Wednesdays at 7am Eastern.

Join Zoom Meeting:

(New Passcode if Needed: silence)

"I did it for the nookie!"

20 Minutes of Silence from Head Quarters

Wednesdays @ 7am Eastern Time

Doors Open in Silence and Doors Close in Silence

No Intros. No Readings. No Advice. No Chat. No Opinions. No Regrets. No TMI.


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 852 1951 3961

Passcode: silence

7:00 a.m. Eastern - Doors Open in Silence

7:03 a.m. Eastern - The Bell Rings in Silence

7:23 a.m. Eastern - The Bell Rings in Silence

7:24 a.m. Eastern - Doors Close in Silence


"Help Prevent and Ease Disease"

Make Your Home a Wild Life PARC, too.


Head Quarters:

Sirmon Shelter @ Station #1 - Lake Murray

(One Station, Many Homes)

Chapin, South Carolina USA

"Spook Waters Made Me Do It" - Dr. P, PhD

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