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TOOL: Learn how to "Let Go" from someone who gave up everything except selfless service.

If they did not "Boo" "Dough" -- that is, if they have not renounced money and lived without pay or access to a trust fund to fall back on -- then they were never a Monk; they've just read about it.

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"Get your booty on the floor tonight -- make my day." Meditation | GNARCANS(c)

Q: Why learn Meditation from a Buddhist Monk?

A: Buddhist Monks renounced sex, money, fame, power, attention and recognition. Monks took vows to renounce not just alcohol and other drugs but everything that has the potential to harm themselves and others; and these monks are teaching us how to live happily while trying to do the same.

Monks have the basic needs of Life -- such as safe housing (a single hut), clothes (robes), healthful food (often only 2 meals per day - only breakfast and lunch), healthcare, wise teachers (2500 years of practice), wise friends, introspection and shared chores (housekeeping, maintenance, and grounds-keeping). However, Monks have no salary, no access to money, no access to a trust fund to fall back on, and no fame, following, or audience in the beginning. They have practiced silently, in solitude, and at length under those circumstances, dealt with "Basic Instincts" under those circumstances, and have taken and kept The 5 Precepts while in robes:

(Precept 1) I will not destroy Life with my action or non-action (my failure to act).

(Precept 2) I will not steal or take anything that is not freely given to me, and I will not use more than I need (versus want) of anything (including nicotine, food, sugar, drink, power, drugs, money, sex, cells, entertainments, talk, silence, sleep, exercise, breaks, work, and money).

(Precept 3) I will not listen to gossip or to people who gossip, and I will not talk about anything or anyone—including myself—in any way (with my words, voice, volume, or face) that is untruthful, prideful, or otherwise harmful to myself or others.

(Precept 4) I will not engage in sexual misconduct with myself or others; I will respect my commitments and the rights and commitments of others; and I will be fully aware of the responsibility of bringing new Life into the world.

(Precept 5) I will not take into my body any substance that causes harm to my body, my brain, or my decision-making ability, or that causes me to harm others.

Some of the links in the above video (see the information/description) are or were Buddhist Monks (teaching what the Buddha taught), some are Meditation Teachers (who have studied but not experienced total renunciation), and some are Meditation Groups (Peers, Students, "Sangha", Home Groups) who are trying to renounce harm, practice meditation together. and serve others selflessly according to the teachings.

I think the times noted are changed to reflect Daylight Savings Time, which begins this Saturday. March 12 at 2:00 a.m.

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