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STEP TOOL: The Wild Life PARC Preamble - Why am I here?

Updated: Aug 23

The Wild Life PARC - Who is an addict (Rev. 8.22.2023)
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The Wild Life Prevention and Recovery Centers

“Make your home a Wild Life PARC, too.”

The Wild Life PARC Preamble:

Why Am I Here?

My Primary Purpose: My primary purpose is to prevent Greed, Anger, and Ignorance from arising in me —and to ease the effects of Greed, Anger, and Ignorance when they do arise in me – by using Social-Emotional Learning.

Some effects of Greed, Anger and Ignorance include jealousy, intellectualism, poor parenting, unsolicited advice, uninformed opinions, inability to take turns, corporal punishment, suicide, alcoholism, sex addiction, drug addiction, phone–electronics–media addiction, eating disorders, smoking, vaping, obesity, hoarding, unwanted pregnancies, rape, abuse of power, abuse of social status, abuse of knowledge, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, crime, poverty, killing, cheating, stealing, lying, coveting, judging, comparing, racism, chauvinism, discrimination & dogmatism (my way is the way).

My Goal: My goal is to live with More Joy and Less Stress by serving myself, my own family, and all others happily and well, without abusing $omebody or $omething – anything or anyone – including myself.

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