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What happened? What was it like? What's it like now?

Congratulations Graduate!!!
What are you going to do to End Poverty in America?
Pave Paradise to put up a parking lot?
Leave no stone unturned!
You can stab & shoot & spit but they won't be fixing **it.
Team America: World Police
He gave me back my smile but he kept my camera to sell.
All fries on me!
Steel your face--write off your head?
You gotta look sharp.
Approach the bench?
Speedy Justice For You!
On a blanket with my baby is where I'll be!
Not everyone has the benefit of 2 tables.
Slop til you drop? I'd rather "wear my feelings on my sleeves" than on my thighs. (NOTE: Al-Anon started it. . .over and over again. . .and I watched her do it.)
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