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Preschools prevent prisons -- and cost a lot less.

Updated: Aug 23

Dear Everbody:

A Sociopath is any person who brings a Life into this world—or who says he supports Life— but then turns his back on infants, children, and teens—physically, emotionally, or (God forbid AND) financially.

Sociopaths hang together. They like to gather in groups to congratulate themselves on their opinions.

Like at church.

Or in Congress or Court.

Y’all are so dumb.

Preschools Prevent Prisons—because they let school-teachers teach from kindergarten through high school instead of herding sad, angry children who never learned to calm down or pay attention because no one paid attention to them—even before cell phones.

Preschools Prevent Prisons.

Repeat after Me: Preschools Prevent Prisons.

Preschools prevent prisons.

And Prevention (Preschool - $1) is less costly than Punishment (Prison - $16). I wish I didn’t like it so much. Punishment. Pain is just weakness leaving the bod, right?

That’s in through the out door—so bend over and touch your toes.

The Devil is going to take you dry because God shall do unto you as you have done to others.

I'll see you in Hell.

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