UPDATE ON S.A.M: Release from care, boredom and worry is just 12 steps away!

Why should you lose the remainder of your business----only to bring still more suffering to your family----by foolishly admitting your plight to people from whom you make your livelihood?

This might mean ruin!

Well, the major liabilities of 30 years of hard drinking have been repaired in 4----if you can clench your teeth for that long! Your IMAGINATION will be fired. Life will have meaning. Being wrecked in the same vessel, being restored and united under one God, with hearts and minds attuned to the welfare of others, the things which matter so much to some people (A Livable Wage, Healthcare, Retirement, Quality Time with Family, Vacations) no longer signify much to us. How could they?

In addition to fellowship and sociability, there'll be a time and place for practical problem solving; advice on how to hospitalize your wayward mate; and friends who laugh at their own misfortune and understand yours.

It's like the family you never had or will:

- Practical Problem-Solving

- Absence of Intolerance

- Informality

- Genuine Democracy, and

- Uncanny Understanding

Life among The Fellowship of The Program is more than attending gatherings and visiting hospitals to scare up some Newcomers and other Prospects!

You can expect help with:

- A Private Room at Hospital

- Cleaning up scrapes

- Settling family differences

- Explaining the dis-inherited son to his irate parents

- Money

- Jobs

- Friends galore

Thus we grow, and so can you, though you be but one man with this book in your hand:

Shall I grab my shovel?

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